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i shall be free from those voices inside me
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OMG Who Has Classes With Me???? [11 May 2007|06:50pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Ha, never have to see those MySpace blogs go up again. Just one of the wondrous things about leaving high school.

I went to Roosevelt today and scheduled classes. If I do well on my Calculus AP I'll never have to take Math...ever...again. I'll only have to take one more science course (Physical Science, oh so hard!), and one Social Studies (although I'll probably take more, minoring in Political Science and all). But, in any case, I can't start Journalism classes until 2nd semester. Here's my really really hard schedule for 1st semester, fall 2007:


    9:30 - 10:45  Great Ideas I [Honors] 111 (Liberal Arts)
    11:00 - 12:15 Argument and Analysis 102 (English)
    12:30 - 1:45 United States Political Science 101 (Social Sciences)
    6:00 - 8:30 Introduction to Sociology 101 (Social Sciences)

    11:00 - 12:15 The United States Since 1865 107 (Humanities)

      9:30 - 10:45  Great Ideas I [Honors] 111 (Liberal Arts)
    11:00 - 12:15 Argument and Analysis 102 (English)
    12:30 - 1:45 United States Political Science 101 (Social Sciences)

    11:00 - 12:15 The United States Since 1865 107 (Humanities)
    12:30 - 1:45 RU Ready Orientation Class 100



All in all, 40% of what we do now at North. I think I'm going to like college :-D

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Survey Doohikey [09 May 2007|06:25pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Name: Michael Schmitt
Age: 18
Location: Suburbia of Chicago
Top 4 bands/artists: Smashing Pumpkins, Silversun Pickups, Sonic Youth,  Sleeping At Last
Other favourites ('cause I know the lists are probably endless, heh): Voxtrot, Bloc Party, The Domus, Explosions in the Sky, The Decemberists, Dirty on Purpose, Snowden, Butterfly Explosion, Sound Team, Tokyo Police Club, 120 Days, Ad Astra Per Aspera, The Thermals, The Sunshine Underground, Malajube, Midnight Movies, Midlake, Radio 4...
Best concert(s) you've been to: Silversun Pickups
Top 4(+1) songs at the moment:     "No Cars Go" - Arcade Fire
                                                             "Brother In Conflict" - Voxtrot
                                                             "Anti-Anti" - Snowden
                                                             "Oh MJ" - The Little Ones
                                                             "Summer Quest" - The Go Find
Favourite lyrics? "Cliches and other chatter keeps our minds from learning / Our minds keep sinking / It's alright / The things we laid do not amount to much / Made up of thought balloons and cotton swabs / When present tense gets strangled in the woes / Made of our future foe scenarios" - Silversun Pickups, "Future Foe Scenarios"

Interests: Writing, reading, sleeping, music, politics (I sound like I'm 80)
Favourite TV shows? The Simpsons, Friends, Will & Grace, Firefly, That '70s Show, Fraiser
Other Fandoms: LOTR, Serenity (/ Firefly), Something Positive, Ctrl-Alt-Del, White Ninja Comics, Weebl & Bob
Anything to add? Down with the Arctic Monkeys


Great Way to Distract Oneself From History [20 Dec 2006|08:27pm]
[ mood | amused ]

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Why Soviet Siberia is Better Than English [12 Oct 2006|08:16pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Senior Year Day 29
Thursday, October 12th, 2006

If one (such as myself) has a wonderful day/evening in which they see someone they haven't seen in awhile and generally has an enjoyable experience, it is almost a sure thing that the following day will be hell. Like, people would not bet on this in Vegas because it is a sure thing. Always. It's something like a screwed up 50-50 system, when I have a nice day, some day in the very near future will be awful. Interestingly, if I have a bad day there is no guarantee I'll ever have a good day in the near future.

But perhaps it's just my attitude.

Today was one of those days. We were yelled at in Composition by a fat woman who rules the English computer lab like Stalin ran Siberia. Cross her, and you (and your family) will be arrested in the night, sent off in train cars, and if you're lucky, find yourself working slave labor for the rest of your life. Such is the life inside the English computer lab. For example, our assignment was directly related to what we did yesterday. So, a student realizes that, why, he was not here yesterday, and thus the assignment is very difficult for him to comprehend. To his good luck the person sitting next to him was at school yesterday, and begins to fill him in (whispering) on the assignment. Unfortunately, this is against Ms. Stalin-butt's Divine Law so they are both locked away in solitary confinement for "political re-education." At least oppressed Russians got to talk.

Alright see, you know it's a crappy day when Calculus is the best period of the day. When my math teacher's excitement of differential equations is the brightest ray of sunshine shining into my day, well, that's when most people would take a long hard look at their life. His friendliness and general "up" feelings towards other human beings was nice however, so he gets the Crappy Day Cookie. Way to go!

Gym was horrific. Not only did we have to dress (a humiliating experience. no matter how cool you may be in the real world, putting on a gym uniform makes you a nark) (what is a nark?) ANYWAY, our class normally works out in the weight room alone, which is nice. Except today every class was down there, including an unpleasant person who decided to be unpleasant. We'll leave it at that, and perhaps I am paranoid, but it did put a rather large crack in the previously mentioned cookie.

The weight room reminds me of prison. Not that I've been in prison, by prison I mean prison-in-the-media. It's perfect. Old rusting (but newly painted to give it a "peppy" feeling) bars circle the area and prevent escape when the door is locked. A bunch of tough looking guys go and pump weights while being sweaty (I'm told it's good fun) while slackers (me and girls) ride the stationary bikes and complain about sweat. I am truly a Man among men. Yes. This somehow fits the state's requirements for fitness, although I don't see how humiliating uniforms help us get fitter. I can just as easily become Healthy-Me in jeans. But I must be a radical.

Group dynamics are interesting, from afar. And I don't mean group as in a city population or a party or even 'NSYNC. I mean group project groups. Yes. In History we are doing a group debate, and I was put into the Republican group (argh! *liberal ideals explode much like the Hindenburg except with less mentions of "the humanity" of it all). To put a better spin on it, out of our group of 6, 2 people are dropping the class NOW. So, we have about 3 people less than any other group. Plus, the remaining people either A) don't care to "work" or B) won't make eye contact. Hm. So what is someone who's afraid of failing and looking like a fool in front of the class (that's me) supposed to do? According to my actions today...not make eye contact back. See? Interesting.

Although my Republican research tells me that apparently, Democrats sleep with terrorists. So perhaps this will be easy...

And Biology just makes me want to squish cells. Cells deserve to be squished, and here's why: slave labor. Seriously. History lesson: The mitochondria used to be independent, happily processing nutrients JUST FOR YOU when all of a sudden (over the process of millions of years) the cell just swallowed the mitochondria up. And now the mitochondria is USED by the cell for the cell's own benefit. The cell blocks the mitochondria's escape with a membrane that the cell claims is "permeable" but only "SEMI-permeable." The cell is holding the mitochondria against it's wishes and is forcing it to create energy for the cell. Cells = squishable.

So according to my lopsided 50-50 theory, tomorrow may or may not be the same. Then again, it is a Friday. On the other hand, it is Friday the 13th (which in the modern age only means some crappy horror movie is released on this day). Ah, this is suspicious. Would horror film makers release a movie if the infamous date was really Wednesday the 11th? Or Monday the 28th? Of course not, they wouldn't get the huge weekend movie-goers' money (mostly because most of the population are simple-minded folk). Isn't it just TOO convenient that a date shrouded in mystery and gloom just HAPPENS to be a FRIDAY? Treasured American ghoulish tradition, or Tool of Hollywood???

Or WHO CARES? Yes, many questions indeed...


[10 Oct 2006|07:53pm]
[ mood | headachey ]

Senior Year Day 27
Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Today, known as the Aftermath of Homecoming, was filled with whiny people and millions of photos of those whiny people dressed up and smiling. One girl I talked to during Stress Management showed me (at least) 100 pictures of the 4 hours on Saturday. To be fair, it was actually 80, 20 had been doubled. But still, they must have hired some poor man to constantly snap the camera of every little moment, face, or person the main characters (of which there were 4) could come up with. Baffling.

Two girls I talked to had this to say about their Homecoming experience:

#1) So my hair stylist took WAY too long and like, I wasn't ready til 7 o'clock. God, so pictures took an hour and we JUST made it in the door before they wouldn't let anyone else in at 8 and I mean, what the fuck is up with that? Like everyone who comes in after 8 is going to ruin the dance? Please. And by then we had missed all the good music so we didn't dance and ended up leaving at like, 9. Then we went out to dinner where it was SO crowded. I don't get it. It took our waiter an hour to get all our orders, I mean, come on, there were only 14 of us. Do your job. So then we didn't get out to my friend's dad's cabin until what like 10? By the time we got there we were all so tired and it was horrible. Best year yet though.

#2) We got there early at like, 7 and felt like such nerds being the only ones there. They played really bad music too, but we danced. I stopped after some creepy ass guy tried to dance-hump me, and we left at like, around 9. Then we went back and partied at my friends house. I was so sick. So much fun.

So, while I may not understand, apparently these people had TONS of fun and I missed out. What a sham of a shell of a person I am. Oh, and the only guys I talked to could only express their deepest enjoyment for having fucked a girl. Not necessarily their date, but a girl. Twice. I'm sure they're telling the truth.

Today began reading Klosterman's book (yes I have become obsessed with his books) Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs. In it he uses examples like the Real World on MTV, Saved by the Bell on every cable channel known to man, and other things like cold cereal cartoon characters to explain concepts like reality, life, and why he can't get a date.

As trivial as this sounds, it really is kinda deep, and gets me into the mindset of questioning my existence, my generational values, everything. Which helps the day go by. Why worry about my grade on my math test when WE NEED TO FUCKING FIGURE OUT WHAT REALITY IS! Some kid shoves me in study hall, but I don't care because I'M DEEP IN THOUGHT ABOUT HOW MY LIFE IS MEANINGFUL! Well, it actually just made me zone out a lot until I realized the day was over.

Biology was the only fun part of today, where me and my lab group chose to, instead of conforming and working on our project on cellular diseases, to instead come up with a catchy theme song for ours. We have Pompe's disease, to which we say "POMPE IT UP!" while raising the roof with our hands. Biology sure is interesting.

At work I was paid to finish my Calculus homework and get everyone soda. And for some reason our boss is getting everyone Starbucks on Thursday (we think he's on pot). We hope this good mood lasts until he decides how much everyone gets for a bonus this year. If it doesn't I might have to resort to polishing his shoes and washing his car. Money = nice.

But now I'm sitting here with a mild headache, whining on LJ with no clear point. I'll make a point then! Moral of the story: deep philosophy makes the day fly, and Homecoming (like government) is better when you disregard the facts.

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shameless promotion [01 Sep 2006|04:46pm]

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[21 Oct 2005|03:55pm]

so erm this journal is sorta

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and since i have very few friends, that probably means you should get lost


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